Our Mission


For more than 50 years, we have more than satisfactorily served the various furniture demands of our society through our focused mission principle, which has instantly transformed every business transaction into a meaningful, life-long relationship with our valuable customers nurtured with trust and professionalism.
Our mission is to ensure our trusted service to you is fortified with the following qualities, which not only enables us to provide quality and ethical service to you but also encourages you to choose us the ultimate business destination for all your furniture needs of the present and the future Design Forecast: 5 Trends to Watch for in 2017 - Interior Design.


  • The no-compromise factor

We understand how annoying it is for you to compromise on one thing for the sake of other and hence we strive to provide you with a thoughtful business service that does not expect you to compromise for whatsoever reasons. Through our uniquely designed and carefully crafted furniture types, you are bound to enjoy longevity, comfort, variety and quality without compromising on affordability and pleasing customer service.


  • The Ethical Business Practices

We believe that, it is not OK to take one’s happiness in the name of satisfying others and hence we do not involve in any unethical business practices like inflicting cruelty to the animals to extract their skin for processing leather material or depleting the natural resources of this environment by adopting unsuitable and unsustainable ways of business practices, especially when it comes to cotton manufacturing from the cotton crops and so on.


We adopt harmless extraction of animal skin from already dead animals so that we not only cause them any harm or pain but also value your sensible purpose of ethical living, which is what makes this planet a suitable living place for every organism. All the upholstery cotton fabrics used in our various furniture models are grown only through sustainable practices, which only shows how we care for our environment so much as you do.